Social Media Marketing + Photography — Here's what I worked on November 2015 - January 2017



Role + Responsibilities 

While I started my time at Munchery working on the photography team, I later entered a role focusing on social media marketing, sitting on the growth marketing team,  while working closely with the brand and creative team.

I was able to combine my professional photography skills with my strategic and intimate understanding of  social media channels to create and distribute content that had measurable impact on the brand.

Company Context

Munchery was an online food ordering and meal delivery service, valued at $300 million, that served San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. Munchery had a team of culinary experts and chefs who developed and crafted a rotating menu of meals that customers could order online and have delivered directly to them via its fleet of drivers. 

Munchery was one of the earlier direct-to-consumer meal delivery startups, with major investments from Greycroft, Sherpa Capital, Menlo Ventures,, Cota Capital, and M13.

Key Results

While the content I produced increased both engagement and following across the board on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter— most notably I was able to increase our organic Facebook reach by 16x without paid "boost"

At the time I recognized the growing focus on video content on these channels, and saw the opportunity to begin investing more here to take advantage of algorithms' prioritization. Until this point Munchery's previous social media agency mostly reposted still imagery that was created for the eCommerce menu— not social-first content. I was able to go directly into our photo studio and create social first content myself when needed, markedly increasing the effectiveness of our posts.

Specifically, I recognized the then new visual trend of showing recipes and kitchen techniques sped up (popularized by Buzzfeed's Tasty channel), and made a case to start creating our own content in line with this.

Once we began to create content like this — content that was crafted strategically with the end consumer and the channel ethos in mind— we saw a dramatic 1600% lift in our organic reach.


< Before I began managing Muchery's social media, organic reach was in steady decline. Strategically creating social-first content brought us dramatic increases in a short time.


Content Samples


Above: This video was created as an eye grabbing reveal of an exclusive dessert we launched with famed SF patissier, Craftsman & Wolves.

Right: This video illustrates a technique used in many of our Munchery Meal Kits— how to cut citrus supremes. West Elm later that year produced a video for their social channels that was nearly identical to this one (which I take as a compliment!).

Below is a gallery of images I created both for Munchery's ecommerce menu as well as for use across social channels. 


Food Styling - Fanny Pan, Amanda DiRienzo

Video "Hands" & Storyboarding - Amy Machnak


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