Art Direction, Photography, Styling, Design —  A maximalist rift off the theme of back-to-school.



I was tasked with coming up with creative assets to help promote our back-to-school sale at Palm, across organic social media, web, email, and paid advertisements.

Given Palm's target customer is mostly in the 25-45 range, I felt we should avoid the more traditional imagery associated with the back-to-school season, that typically target parents purchasing goods for their school-aged children. I also wanted to keep in mind Palm's premium brand aesthetic, and wanted to avoid using visual elements that felt too "expected" for this season.

I built my final art direction around the concept of creating various flat lay scenes, filled with items that might evoke of sense of returning to your desk, whether for school, work, or play. Each flat lay scene centered around a limited color pallet, and included items from printed materials to mediums for writing and painting.

Lastly, I wanted each flat lay to convey a sense of visual fullness— an intentional contrast to the largely minimal imagery Palm primarily leaned on. I wanted to present something fresh to our existing audience, who might have grown too used to our minimalism, and also allow the prop styling to intrigue the eye and leave people exploring each composition.

I created the photos myself in my living room during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdowns, using various props I had around the house. The constraints were challenging, but pushed me towards a final look and feel I'm proud to share.



Art Direction, Photography, Styling, Design 



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