Hello! I'm Cory ⚡️

I'm a social media marketer, as well as a commercial lifestyle + food photographer.

I build brand narratives across social channels by strategically creating world-class content to drive brand awareness and strengthen relationships with customers

Previously at Palm, Madison Reed, NatureBox, Munchery.

You can download my resume here.


Before getting into the world of marketing and photography I earned a B.A. in landscape architecture from the University of California Berkeley. My background in design heavily influences the creative direction for my photographs as well as my audience-first approach to social media strategy.


To get in touch for work or just to say hey, shoot me an email at maryottcj@gmail.com 

Twitter: @CoryMaryott

LinkedIn: Cory Maryott

Resume PDF


- Are you taking on freelance or consulting work?

I'm currently taking a month hiatus through October, but feel free to get in contact. I may be available depending on project scope.

- How did you grow your Instagram audience? How can I grow mine?

I've been deeply imbedded in the Instagram community since 2014. After posting consistently over time and hosting several Insta-meets (including meets for World Wide Instameet 11 and 12), Instagram's Community Team featured me twice as a Suggested User. The best way to grow audience on Instagram (in a nutshell) is to consistently post quality content and bring value to your audience. Focus on building an authentic presence and narrative— don't spam, and don't buy followers or use engagement bots (these are incredibly obvious to spot and hurt your credibility). Also remember that Instagram is not just about content, but is also incredibly about community. Build authentic connections with followers and other people on the app.

If you're a brand or business, you can also hire me to help. 

- Do you photograph weddings?

In 99.99% of cases, no. I'm happy to refer you to other photographers for wedding photography. 

- Is that you on the App Store, on the preview for Boomerang by Instagram?

Yes that is me. Instagram cast me and a few other San Francisco Instagrammers to be in the promo video. You can view the full length video here

- You post a lot about fragrance on Instagram, do you work in the perfume industry?

I don't work in the industry but I'm a huge lover of fragrance and perfume. It's a fascinating art form, and I find the craft deeply inspiring.


Munchery, Everlane, Airbnb, Lyft, Google Photos, ZICO, Hotel Tonight, REI, Made Eyewear, Need Edition, DIN, Butchershop Creative, Photojojo, Abacus Row, This Is Ground, Outside Lands, 1 Hotels



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