Social Media Marketing + Photography — Here's what I worked on March 2017- December 2017



Role + Responsibilities 

I came into a hybrid role at Naturebox— my primary responsibility was managing everything for social media from strategy down to content creation

Because of my experience in professional food photography, I also was tasked with building out Naturebox's in house photography studio, and with creating imagery for the eCommerce product catalogue, as well as for all other marketing channels including email, paid ads, direct mailers, and product packaging.

I also established the new look and feel of the photography brand guidelines used across all channels.

Company Context

NatureBox is a direct-to-consumer snack company, focused on creating unique, delicious, and healthy snack products. NatureBox offers an expansive catalogue of product offerings (well over 60 unique snacks), from cookies and pretzels, to dried fruits, nuts, and jerky.

NatureBox's primary business focuses on direct-to-consumer, but also spans airline, retail, and B2B accounts for businesses offering snacks to their employees.

Key investments from General Catalyst Partners, Canaan Partners, Softbank Capital,  Neuberger Berman Private Equity Funds, Kensington Capital Holdings, Valley Oak Investment Partners, John Foraker, and Neil Tolaney.


Content Samples




NatureBox lacked a cohesive photo style when I joined, especially for content expressed across social. To uplift the brand aesthetic, I created a variety of bold yet playful content, like this stop motion video above. Once we began posting content that felt more modern and expressed the playful fun nature of the brand, we saw a lift in engagement.


I used stop motion frequently to add motion to our social feeds. In the video to the right, I "deconstructed" our chocolate covered almonds, highlighting the four delicious simple ingredients in our newest product. Both these video include sound elements to add to the experience, so give a listen!

Below is a gallery of images I created both for NatureBox's ecommerce menu as well as for use across social channels. 


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