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🚧 (Under Construction) 🚧 — I'm in the process of building out case studies from my time at Common Thread Collective (CTC). In the meantime here is an overview of the responsibilities I had in this role.



Senior Creative Strategist

At CTC I worked as a Senior Creative Strategist on a Growth Team, a cross-functional pod that works together across a shared group of 4-5 clients. I co-led the team alongside a Growth Strategist— together we managed all client relationships, developed strategies to address business goals, and worked with a team of designers and media buyers to bring our strategies to life.

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Role + Responsibilities 


• Synthesized data-backed insights and customer research to develop creative strategies for advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok.

• Partnered with Growth Strategist to identify revenue growth opportunities, and determine effective advertising strategies using proprietary analytics reports (Statlas).

• Developed creative briefs; produced ad creatives with team of multimedia designers.

• Measured, analyzed, and reported performance of ad creatives based on AIDA metrics, adjusting creative strategy as needed from performance insights.


• Led production of ad creative from briefing and art direction, through rounds of internal and client revisions.

• Managed multimedia designers; used Asana to track multiple projects through various stages of creative development.


• Held weekly client meetings with Growth Strategist to pitch creative concepts, report on performance, advise clients on creative production.

• Communicated with clients daily on creative updates via Slack and maintained weekly update documents on creative performance and production.

• Designed and presented slide decks to pitch new ideas and report on account performance.

• Supported business development team in pitching potential new clients to secure new business.

About Common Thread Collective

Common Thread Collective is among the top growth and marketing agencies for direct-to-consumer businesses. 



[Case Studies Under Construction]


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