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Hello. I'm currently working on putting together an overview of my work in the realm of social media marketing. In the meantime, you can see some of the content I've made for previous employers (Munchery, Naturebox, Madison Reed) , and read a bit about my general approach to social media strategy below:

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At a Glance

When it comes to social media strategy, there's a few guiding principles I always return to: "Audience First" and "Attention is Earned". Everything must start here. For me these are the guiding north-stars of effective social media marketing. Let's break these two down:

Attention is Earned

When it comes to social media marketing, more than anything else, we're really striving first and foremost for one thing: people's attention. Before we can reach for conversions, before we can turn a follower into a customer, before we can ask anything from anyone— we must first earn their attention, they have to want to consume what we're sharing. This might seem a bit obvious, but I've seen countless brands and marketers lose sight of this, spamming their followers with content and messaging that only serves to support their own bottom line, giving little to no consideration for what the consumer might be needing or seeking out. The result? Their followers hit the "unfollow" button, and they're gone.

This is the key distinction brands and marketers need to understand about social media marketing— consumers choose to follow you. To earn that following, to earn their attention, we must shift our approach towards one that considers our audience's needs, wants, and desires first and foremost. When we work from this point of empathy and understanding for what the end user needs, we can more readily create content that seeks to help them, to educate, or inspire them— content that they want to follow and consume. In short, to earn consumers' attention, we must approach social media with thinking "Audience First".

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